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Spiritman: Christian Superhero Comics

Featured Comic Book: Spiritman 3

Christian Superhero Comics

A Superhero Of Christian Proportion

"How well do you know God?" That question can kick up a gigantic dust storm in the spiritual realm. When Martin asks Chelsea this question Spiritman is forced to battle toe to toe with the spiritual forces of wickedness. Now you can follow the story panel by panel, in print or on line.

Issue 3 is now available at Popcorn Heaven
in Des Moines, IA

Read Spiritman Issue 3

Who am I really? What am I worth? How can God possibly use someone as insignificant as me? These are questions that many have asked throughout the centuries of man’s existence, and fifteen year old Martin Taylor is no different. A bitter feeling of insignificance blinds Martin from seeing who God made him to be. When the spiritual world and the physical world begin to collide, Martin is awakened to his true destiny, and he begins to see himself through God’s eyes, a spiritual warrior in the armor of God, born to this age for a special purpose, to be a part of God’s army in the buildup to the final showdown of good and evil.

Written By Scott A Snyder And Illustrated By Everett Paul Burris
Genre - Christian Superhero Comics
Comic Book Issue 3 - Unseen Forces
Setting - Des Moines, IA

What is a superhero of christian proportion?

The answer is simple. A follower of Christ whose powers come from God. So why not just say christian superhero? Those who have a working knowledge of the faith understand that humility is a virtue. They also understand that people are flawed and thus deserving of a humble attitude. Meanwhile, superheroes seem to have it all together. They overcome obstacles using their own great powers and have no apparent reason to be humble. The whole concept of a christian superhero is difficult to embrace. Yet superhero stories continue to offer inspiration to audiences of imperfect people. What if the idea of a larger than life, perfect person is an incorrect description of the superhero?

In the beginning our superhero is a person who goes about life in an average way. Not very useful or effective. Then the landscape changes around him. His ordered world is thrown into chaos. Nothing is as it was before. The rules have changed and now the average, useless and ineffective person has become just the right person - the one God chooses. A christian superhero is really just a very flawed person that is used by God in His mighty power.

Spiritman Comic Book: Sample From Issue 3

Martin talks to Chelsea about God while Martin's christian superhero persona engages in battle with a demonic entity.

Spiritman 3: A Christian Superhero Comic Book

Learn To Draw

I am often asked at conventions how I learned to draw. While I did study drawing in college, the truth is I really learned a lot from studying a few great books. So I have put together a recomended reading list so that you too can unlock your own ability to draw. So make comics and have fun!

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How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way by Stan Lee and John Buscema

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

by Stan Lee and John Buscema

I got this book for Christmas when I was 12 years old. It catapulted me into a love of drawing comics. What a great book this is. It is written in a way that will grip the attention of younger readers while the material covered will still be beneficial to more advanced students. With this book you will learn some basic rules of human proportions. It will teach you how to build complex images with basic shapes. And you will gain a solid understanding of linear perspective. This is a great book to start with.

Top Of List

Dynamic Anatomy by Burne Hogarth

Dynamic Anatomy

by Burne Hogarth

I had this book on the shelf for a long time. I pulled it out when I got serious about being better at drawing. When asked where I learned drawing I will often tell people "I went to Burne Hogarth school." He is an excellent teacher of anatomy for artists. This book looks at each part of the body in detail. It begins by defining the basic shapes of the body. Then the muscle masses and bone structures are covered in detail. A persistent study of this book will unlock an amazing ability to draw people for you.

Top Of List

Dynamic Figure Drawing by Burne Hogarth

Dynamic Figure Drawing

by Burne Hogarth

Another great book from "the Burne Hogarth school." This one explains how to add depth to your figure drawings. Learn how to use overlapping shapes, interconnecting lines, and keep things in proportion as your people move through space.

Top Of List

Dynamic Wrinkles And Drapery by Burne Hogarth

Dynamic Wrinkles And Drapery

by Burne Hogarth

I must admit that wrinkles were a bit of a mystery to me before I read this book. The truth is that wrinkles are predictable. They happen for a reason. This book spells out those reasons for you in a very clear fashion. A must read if you want to draw people with clothes on.

Top Of List

Drawing The Human Head by Burne Hogarth

Drawing The Human Head

by Burne Hogarth

This book is all about proportions, specifically the proportions of the head. This will teach you how to draw the head from all different angles and how to move the head. Hogarth's focus is on the proportions that are common to all people. I wish the book talked more about drawing teeth. Otherwise this is a great book to learn from. The challenge is to keep these proportions in place as you make your people look different.

Top Of List

Drawing Dynamic Hands by Burne Hogarth

Drawing Dynamic Hands

by Burne Hogarth

Hands are hard to draw so don't get too frustrated. Fortunately this book will teach you the proportions of hands and how they move. While Hogarth devotes a chapter to drawing hands in his book "Dynamic Anatomy," this book covers them in much greater detail.

Top Of List

Dynamic Light And Shade by Burne Hogarth

Dynamic Light And Shade

by Burne Hogarth

This book is about how light and shadow can be used to describe form. You will learn how to draw people in different types of light. A great book about drawing. I do not recommend that you begin your journey into learning to draw with this book, but I highly recommend that your journey bring you here eventually.

Top Of List

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

Understanding Comics

by Scott McCloud

I have loved comics for a long time. I studied art in college. I thought I knew what comics were all about until I read "Understanding Comics." Scott McCloud does an excellent job of explaining how visual storytelling works. He illustrates how visual storytelling is a unique art form that has a legitimate place in the larger history of art. If you want to make WebComics like a professional this book is a must read.

Top Of List

Making Comics by Scott McCloud

Making Comics

by Scott McCloud

Making comics is about more than just drawing people. It is telling a story. "Making Comics" is a great book about visual storytelling. While this book covers some of the same territory as "Understanding Comics," the emphasis here is on making the WebComics. Scott McCloud offers valuable insights for the creator that go above and beyond his earlier book. Learn about the integration of images and words, how panel transitions enable reader participation, and how the use of panels affect time. All aspects of visual storytelling are covered.

Top Of List

Comic Book Lettering The Comicraft Way by Richard Starkings

Comic Book Lettering The Comicraft Way

by Richard Starkings

Always learn from the professionals and Comicraft certainly meets that description. This is a solid and practical book on lettering for comics. Richard Starkings explains everything from fonts to word balloons. It even takes you step by step through Adobe Illustrator to create the great lettering effects we have become accustomed to seeing in comics.

Top Of List

The Art Of Comic Book Inking by Gary Martin

The Art Of Comic Book Inking

by Gary Martin

I used to be frustrated with how my art looked after I had done the inking but I had no idea why. Gary Martin's book on inking helped me to understand what I was missing and set me on a path to improving my work. What a gift that is. In this book you will learn how to use varying line weights to set your characters apart from their surroundings. It will teach you to create depth and to describe light and shadow.

Top Of List

DC Comics Guide To Coloring And Lettering Comics by Mark Chiarello and Todd Klein

DC Comics Guide To Coloring

And Lettering Comics

by Mark Chiarello and Todd Klein

This is a very straight forward and practical guide to coloring and lettering comics. Very informative. The chapters on coloring do a great job of teaching how to use color to make your characters pop off the page. It also describes how to define a mood while maintaining continuity within a scene. The chapters on lettering are great instruction for creating your own comic font. An excellent how to book.

Top Of List

Digital Prepress For Comic Books by Kevin Tinsley

Digital Prepress For Comic Books

by Kevin Tinsley

So you have made your art and want to send it off to the print shop. The sad news is that your art can look great in original form but terrible when printed if things are not done properly. This is the book you need to get good results from the print shop. Printing is very technical. Digital Prepress For Comic Books will teach you about the printing process and how to pull the whole project together. Learn how to get good scans of your art, manage ink saturation, and avoid the numerous pitfalls of a bad print run. This is a very technical book. It is also a must have if you plan to print your comic.

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Spiritman Comic Book Issue 3

Spiritman 3 By Scott A Snyder And Everett Paul Burris

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Growing Deeper

Resource For Youth Pastors

Devotional Spiritman

Free devotional bible study with a theme based on Spiritman 1.

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Creator News

Scott's Insights

I want to talk briefly on end-times prophecy for a moment. In an effort to keep this short, I'm going to skip any introductions or explanations as to what's been going on with me lately that would bring me to the place of wanting to write this. I'll just move on.

A friend of mine once said concerning end-times prophecy, "You know who I believe? Whoever the last person I heard was." She said this because everyone seemed to be rooted in scripture and had compelling arguments for why they were correct. Even completely opposing viewpoints which could in no way both be correct, both seemed to be completely biblical. Finding truth in that can be a confusing, daunting task.

I'm not going to get into what I believe on the subject today. The only reason I raise the issue is for one purpose: Make chasing and knowing Yahweh the most important thing in your life.

The pre-tribulation rapture people are crying out about a rapture event that will take us all away before anything truly bad happens. I agree with a statement that Rick Joyner made several years ago, that we are putting too much faith in the rapture as our salvation and not enough faith in the author of our salvation to be our salvation. Whether you are taken in a rapture (and I say "a rapture" and not "the rapture" because there are disagreement as to how many there will be), shot in the head by a terrorist, killed in a car accident, or die peacefully in your sleep of old age, the results are all the same to one who knows Yeshua/Jesus as their salvation.

The post-tribulation rapture people are advising us to prepare. This, in and of itself, is not a bad statement to make on the surface. The problem is that they're advising people to prepare physically and not spirtually. "Put your money in gold," "puchase food and stores now," and "stock up on weapons and ammo," are useless preventatives if you cannot buy or sell without a mark regardless of how currency works, if your stores are plundered or destroyed, or the military that outguns you a hundred to one comes knocking.

But both of these positions have the same problem at heart: They're focused on saving the physical man, and not the spiritual. If there is no tribulation coming and you will live to be a hundred and die peacefully, you still die. No matter what, this earthly life is a temporary situation in which Ecclessiastes explains all is vanity. Spiritman is devoted to showing people the truth about spiritual matters. Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces. Likewise, our joy is not in physical matters either, but in a spiritual eternity reserved for us by a loving God.

My plea to you today is to chase spiritual truths and not physical ones regardless of what may be coming. Love the LORD your God, or Yahweh your Elohim, with ALL your heart, and ALL your strength, and ALL your might, and ALL your soul. That is not just our command regardless of what's coming, it's also the map that shows us the way to succeed and thrive in whatever's coming.

Creator Blogs

Valid Update

by Scott A Snyder

The second and final prologue of "Valid" has been added to the site. I'm not sure if I'm going to add full chapters from here on out, or just a few pages at a time.

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Deeper 16: The 5th Commandment

by Scott A Snyder

So then, given that the order of these commandments is given by YHWH and they are precisely placed where He wanted them to be, does it cause anybody else to pause and wonder why this commandment comes before, You shall not murder?

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