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Spiritman: Free Christian Superhero Comics

Featured Comic Book: Spiritman 3

Christian Superhero Comics

A Superhero Of Christian Proportion

"How well do you know God?" That question can kick up a gigantic dust storm in the spiritual realm. When Martin asks Chelsea this question Spiritman is forced to battle toe to toe with the spiritual forces of wickedness. Now you can follow the story panel by panel, in print or on line.

Issue 3 is now available at Popcorn Heaven
in Des Moines, IA

Read Spiritman Issue 3

Who am I really? What am I worth? How can God possibly use someone as insignificant as me? These are questions that many have asked throughout the centuries of man’s existence, and fifteen year old Martin Taylor is no different. A bitter feeling of insignificance blinds Martin from seeing who God made him to be. When the spiritual world and the physical world begin to collide, Martin is awakened to his true destiny, and he begins to see himself through God’s eyes, a spiritual warrior in the armor of God, born to this age for a special purpose, to be a part of God’s army in the buildup to the final showdown of good and evil.

Written By Scott A Snyder And Illustrated By Everett Paul Burris
Genre - Christian Superhero Comics
Comic Book Issue 3 - Unseen Forces
Setting - Des Moines, IA

What is a superhero of christian proportion?

The answer is simple. A follower of Christ whose powers come from God. So why not just say christian superhero? Those who have a working knowledge of the faith understand that humility is a virtue. They also understand that people are flawed and thus deserving of a humble attitude. Meanwhile, superheroes seem to have it all together. They overcome obstacles using their own great powers and have no apparent reason to be humble. The whole concept of a christian superhero is difficult to embrace. Yet superhero stories continue to offer inspiration to audiences of imperfect people. What if the idea of a larger than life, perfect person is an incorrect description of the superhero?

In the beginning our superhero is a person who goes about life in an average way. Not very useful or effective. Then the landscape changes around him. His ordered world is thrown into chaos. Nothing is as it was before. The rules have changed and now the average, useless and ineffective person has become just the right person - the one God chooses. A christian superhero is really just a very flawed person that is used by God in His mighty power.

Spiritman Comic Book: Sample From Issue 3

Martin talks to Chelsea about God while Martin's christian superhero persona engages in battle with a demonic entity.

Spiritman 3: A Christian Superhero Comic Book

Comic Book Vault

Spiritman Comic Book Issue 1

Spiritman 1 By Scott A Snyder And Everett Paul Burris

Read The Book - free online

or we can send you a printed copy
Order Here

Spiritman Comic Book Issue 2

Spiritman 2 By Scott A Snyder And Everett Paul Burris

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or we can send you a printed copy
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Spiritman Comic Book Issue 3

Spiritman 3 By Scott A Snyder And Everett Paul Burris

Read The Book - free online

or we can send you a printed copy
Order Here

Spiritman Devotional

Devotional Spiritman

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Why A Free Comic?

The Ability To Open Hearts

We just want to make interesting stories and share them with people. Giving away a free comic book changes the dynamic of how we relate to people. When people are expecting a sales pitch this enables us to have real conversations.

Sometimes people share with us stories of despair. The offer of a free comic book opens a door for us to speak words of encouragement into their lives. We have given away free comic books at comic book conventions, youth group events, and hospitals. Your support through Patreon enables us to do what we love... tell stories and encourage people.

Check out our Patreon page here.

What Is Patreon

Patreon is a lot like Kickstarter. It is a crowdfunding site. It differs from Kickstarter in that it allows people to support something they like on a monthly basis. In exchange for your support we offer rewards. Support can be as little as 1 dollar and in exchange we let you in on some Patreon exclusive rewards. Pretty cool. Although, the best reward is that you get to share God's story with someone who might not have heard it otherwise.

Creator News

Shop Online?

Many people have expressed interest in being able to purchase some Spiritman comics. Hey, that's a great idea. While we really love the idea of giving away free comics, you may not get to see us at a convention.

So here's the deal... you can order Spiritman issues here and we will ship them to you. Cool. We really appreciate your support. And please know that your purchase will be turned into some free Spiritman comics for someone who might not otherwise be able to receive them.

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